Leader 3D Artist


Windmill Tilter offered his modeling services to RST in March of 2008 and quickly took on the role of Lead Modeler. He brought five years of modeling experience to the table and his skills with detailed and often unusual models became evident in his work. Though he has never released a mod publicly, he is no stranger to the Elder Scrolls Construction Set. Windmill Tilter originally joined RST on a temporary basis, already being committed to assisting on other projects. However, he soon developed a fondness for RST, which seemed to have the deck stacked slightly against it in the early days of its development. He became determined to see the project through to release, even though his duties as modeler sometimes included picking up the slack for others.

In his spare time, what little he has, Windmill Tilter enjoys pretty much everything computer related. Outside of the virtual world, Wind also enjoys Hiking/Mountaineering, Guns (collecting, shooting, building). and Hapkido (Korean Martial art). He would also like to someday take up Metallurgy and Swords, which have always held an interest for him. He lives in Canada with his wife and their two children.

Windmill Tilter's Comment:

"I may fall, but I will never lie down" -Anonymous