Programmer | Advisor


Veteran modder WillieSea began advising on scripts for RST in August 2008, but his participation increased in October when he was asked to create a custom clock for Sancre Tor's reclaimed interior. After finishing the clock, WillieSea lent his skills to working on one of RST's major dungeon levels until December when he began modding Fallout 3 and his schedule became too full to continue. However, his commitment to scripting and advising for RST followed through until release.

WillieSea has had a passion for programming since buying his first PC in 1982. He holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Information Systems and has been an IT professional for the last thirteen years. He enjoys modding his favorite video games, bicycling, rock collecting, and watching movies. He lives in Idaho with his loving wife and their three children.

WillieSea's Comment:

"What's important today is not by tomorrow. Live your life one day at a time."