Isle of Half Light

Tuatha Danan; is visited during The Isle of Half-Light of The Oracle’s Fire. A Port of Call long lost to history there are various points of interest in Tuatha Danan and as much as the task beckons one forward, it should be noted this realm is only accessible during this quest. Arriving aboard the Black Flag to Canyon’s maw, Tuatha Danan’s moniker can easily be assessed; the sun neither fully rises nor sets in The Isle of Half-Light.

There is an odd sense of security in the dim light of Canyon’s Maw, Old Town and even the Underpass; there are no inhabitants save one, Edic and he won’t leave his cellar in Canyon’s Maw to save his life. Old Town, mostly in ruins is located along the shoreline and has a dark story hiding in an attic; the destroyed bridge and The Underpass just beyond in the distance. Canyon’s Maw is the most intact settlement in Tuatha Danan and even it has suffered enough damaged to make some areas inaccessible.

The Underpass makes its way through the Welkynd Mines which are quite interesting, but not accessible for exploration and emerges near High Pass and the principal inhabitants of the realm, Cliff Spiders. Even in the twilight, the loftiness of the realm is easily ascertained from High Pass and the destroyed bridge is also visible.

Malasel, a tomb atop High Pass has a commanding view of High Gate towards the Earth Kingdom and the misty expanses beyond. The entrance of the Earth Kingdom is at the highest point of the extensive structure with the levels working steadily downwards. The structure ends deep in the belly of the earth in a large chamber. The Earth Kingdom is regularly rocked by quakes making traveling hazardous.