Blademaster Jules Cullen

Jules Cullen


These are the people one will find in and around the Sancre Tor area and that either reside in or operate out of Sancre Tor Village. The list includes all people likely to be encountered, from cavalry riders to tavern patrons. (Quests and vendors annotated)

Order of Blades:Edit

Name Quests/Vendors Name Quests
Ardartas (Grandmaster) Jauffre (Grandmaster)
Adreth Criso Jason Wyatt
Ajix Leren Jessup Roarke
Akeda Valrian Master and Apprentice Jinna Foss Master and Apprentice
Alecks Whistler Jules Cullen The Water Warrior
Arden Todd Kial Reider A Cat in the Cradle
Asher Laine Laia Jannix
Athur Sortunious Leon Jericho
Barick Sol Lieutenant Clive Owain
Benjin Aloro Lieutenant Phinan Kulzak
Bowen Fane Luci Corwin
Brother Harin Call to Cloud Ruler Lyra Sparrow
Brother Kitan Call to Cloud Ruler Markam Rand
Brother Mabrin Call to Cloud Ruler Markus Cantus Requisitions, Trials by Blade, There Came a Dark Rider
Brother Tomas Call to Cloud Ruler Masaru (Grandmaster)
Bruin Hrothgar Spies Like Us, Into the Dragon's Gate Matlin Grandstaff
Brytta Archer Mei Satomo
Caleth Vale Nobuo (Grandmaster)
Caliel Haas Omroth (Grandmaster)
Colm Hunter Quinlan Barrow
Corben Hyever Radick Lang
Corbin Markasian Rafe Ilgored
Damon Andonay Raori (Grandmaster)
Darrick Hawke Rilent Curns
Denrau (Grandmaster) The Wind Warrior, National Treasure Hunt Rioji Osaka
Edwin Thatcher Rory Seifer
Eliot Thierney (Grandmaster) Call to Cloud Ruler, Basic Training, Trials by Blade Rowan Odasis Requisitions, Master and Apprentice
Fionan Garren Ryer Sutton
Freyda Blythe Samael Washington The Fire Warrior
Freyer Blythe Seton Vosh
Garen Javren Talen Sareth
Garrulf Artisan Steel Tam Danshem Requisitions, Cafeteria
Gawain Adrack Master and Apprentice Tanith Vosh
Gilly Laird Thaniel Brighton
Gregor Kivan Timothy Reider
Hadrien Grahn Tiold Fawkes
Iaver (Grandmaster) Trevor Laird
Ikeda Sakai (Blademaster) Basic Training, Master and Apprentice Yume The Isle of Half-Light
Jadun Enders
Janus Aldarin The Earth Warrior


Name Business Name Quests
Anya Farquor All Things Under The Mountain, The Merchant Commons
Davin Ryke Waysall Elixirs, The Merchant Commons The Earth Warrior
Grandmother Gaia the Healer’s House The Water Warrior
Evan Reiss Long Candle Tavern
Evelyn Reiss Long Candle Tavern
Juris Weye Golden Hill Market
Treya Weye Golden Hill Market

General Population:Edit

Aaden Smythe Mena Aldarin
Alix Logam Myra Logam
Avery Natsu Faa
Billy Orin Scerius
Cnisia Closius Riana Washington
Gretta Sutton Riku Faa
Hathe Sutton Shuan Eaves
Jenna Eaves Sonya Wheaton
John Thatcher Tara Thatcher
Jucanis Closius Thom Wheaton
Klara Curry Vinton Curry
Lydia Smythe
Melina Jaston
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