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Sancre Tor is a fairly large village wonderfully situated in the Jerall Mountains. The village is comprised of many buildings including shops, residences and official buildings. The Temple of Light complex is the largest structure with the most quest related content and will be addressed first. For local area maps, the people register and photos of locations see the handy links listed at the bottom.

The Temple of Light:

Sancre Tor Temple of Light Entry

Cafeteria Requisitions

Entry Hall

General Barracks Requisitions, Basic Training, Master and Apprentice
Battlemage Barracks
Hall of Enlightenment (dojo) Basic Training, Master and Apprentice
Hall of Masters The Isle of Half-Light, Trials by Blade, National Treasure Hunt, Phoenix Hunt
Archives The Isle of Half-Light
Hall of the Fallen Blades National Treasure Hunt
Master Ante Room
Master Barracks (Residential Hall)
Battlemage Barracks
Secret Passageway
Brig A Cat in the Cradle
Artesian Steel
Tomb of Honors

Blades Court:Edit

This is where the Grandmasters congregate when discussing business. The court is visited by Grandmasters Ardartas (Grandmaster), Denrau (Grandmaster), Iaver (Grandmaster), Jauffre (Grandmaster), Masaru (Grandmaster), Nobuo (Grandmaster), Omroth (Grandmaster), Raori (Grandmaster) and Eliot Thierney (Grandmaster). Call to Cloud Ruler, Basic Training, The Oracle’s Fire, Trials by Blade National Treasure Hunt

Hall of Requisitions: Edit

Manned by Markus Cantus, Rowan Odasis is first met here and Timothy Reider can be seen upstairs. Requisitions, Trials by Blade. Halls of Masters, Ante Room access is on the backside.


Long Candle Tavern offers refreshments and beds. The hosts are Evan and Evelyn Reiss. Evan is an expert trainer in Speechcraft and has general refreshments while Evelyn rents the rooms. Samael Washington who participates in The Fire Warrior can be found here. Usual patrons to be seen are Jucanis and Cnisia Closius, Melina Jaston and Orin Scerius.

The Merchant Commons houses All Things Under the Mountain and Waysall Elixirs, hosted by Anya Farquor and Davin Ryke respectively. Davin Ryke participates in The Earth Warrior.

Golden Hill Market on the Plaza is operated by both Juris and Treya Weye taking turns as salesperson. Both are available to recharge magical equipment.

Gaia the Healer's House is where Grandmother plies her wares.

Places of Interest/items of note:Edit

A portion of the original Sancre Tor structure is on the eastern edge of the compound. Grandmaster Denrau can be found here during The Wind Warrior.

Cavalry Hill Farms, Sancre Tor is operated by Gretta and Hathe Sutton. However no sales are made here, all sales are at the Skingrad Farm

The four monks from Call to Cloud Ruler, can be seen in the Hall of the Fallen Blades of the Temple of Light

Kin’drava from A Cat in the Cradle can be seen serving his time in the Sancre Tor brig.

Residential homes:Edit

Aldarin Homestead Of The Earth Warrior Fame. Mena and Janus Aldarin occupants.
Curry Estate Klara and Vinton Curry occupants.
Eaves Manor Jenna and Shuan Eaves occupants.
Faa Manor Natsu and Riku Faa occupants.
Gaia the Healer’s House The Water Warrior Grandmother occupant.
Logam Homestead Alix and Myra Logam occupants.
Smythe Manor Aaden and Lydia Smythe occupants.
Thatcher Estate Tara and John Thatcher occupants.
Washington Homestead Of The Fire Warrior Fame Samael, Riana, Billy and Avery occupants.
Wheaton Manor Sonya and Thom Wheaton occupants.

Nearby Points of Interest:Edit

Cavern of Trials

Kyndrelle Aqueduct

Snowridge Stable

Further reading links:Edit

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