Office of Imperial Engineering.


Questgiver: Homer VanuiEdit

Location: Imperial City - Market DistrictEdit


This is a straight continuation from A Traitor in Brise.

This leg of the quest is short and straight-forward. Return to the Imperial City with Bruin. When you arrive in the Market District you'll find the Office of Imperial Engineering located on the street behind Divine Elegance. Enter the office and speak to the Lead Engineer at the desk. Once you fetch a form, he'll be happy to tell you what he knows about a former employee Kurgan Black-Mountain.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

When you speak to the Lead Engineer he'll be by-the-book and won't release any information about your current mark until you obtain an Information Release Form from the Imperial Guard at the Imperial Office Headquarters. Sounds simple enough but the Imperial Guard won't just hand you one. The Engineer suggests you can obtain the form "by any means possible".

Go to the Imperial Office in the Prison district. (Special Note; try not to fast travel, the horses will follow and get stuck. Besides, it's just around the corner.) Wait till late at night and break in. At the back of the office near the basement door is the Generic Forms File drawer. Take the form from inside there.

Return to the Engineering Office in the morning. The Lead Engineer will be happy to tell you Kurgan's last known whereabouts is a place called Grimm's Hollow.

Tell Bruin what you learned and mount up for your next destination.

Continued on the page A Grim Hollow.