A Proud Past

Stepping through the portal leads to an enchanted realm and what seems to be a leprechaun’s delight. The land of Mor Dradig may look inviting, the lush greens juxtaposed with flickering oranges of fire, but this realm is deadly to outlanders. The water’s a black acid and everything not green is afire. Mor Dradig is visited during Another Dimension of The Oracle’s Fire, the portal is to the west of Chorrol and is only accessible during this quest.

The realm is quite large and offers beautiful views of the many landmarks, from the Ruined Gates and Falls of Mormath to the Welkynd Camp. Each of the areas has its own unique notice, the Ruined Gates and Falls of Mormath lie directly in the path between the Outlands and the sewer entrance to the Citadel and Welkynd Camp, although off the trail a bit, is quite worth the trip.

The Citadel is extensive; entering through the sewers the quest covers nearly every level of the Citadel including the Lower and Upper Sewers, the Dungeons and Catacombs as well as, The Great Hall. There are 4 halls which adjoin The Great Hall, The Nimble Cat, The Sleeping Spirit, The Lightfoot and The Hall of Sacred Fire. Leaving the Citadel through the Courtyard returns to the Mordrathi encampment outside its main gates.

The inhabitants of the realm include the Mordrath, Fire Wolves, Shadow Cats and Fire Moths, all extremely deadly save the moths. The spokesman of the clan is Mocai, the Alpha Male and Draevyn who is the spokesman of the welcoming committee. The Mordrathi have little tolerance for Outlanders.