Master and Apprentice (1)

Master and Apprentice


Questgiver: Blademaster SakaiEdit

Location: Sancre Tor, Temple of Light - dojoEdit


Upon successful completion of Trials by Blade, obtaining the rank of Blademaster and visiting the dojo to speak with Master Sakai will initiate the sidequest Master and Apprentice. There are four apprentices available for selection; 2 young men and 2 young gals, the selection guided towards the gender of the player. Master and apprentice is more than just acquiring a companion, there are more directive options available to the player.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

After Trials by Blade and attaining the rank of Blademaster taking another trip to see Master Sakai in the dojo will initiate the opportunity to enjoy the Master and Apprentice sidequest. There are four apprentices available for selection; 2 young men and 2 young gals, Akeda Valrian, Gawain Adrack, Jinna Foss and Rowan Odasis. Players accepting guidance in Requisitions will already know Rowan enough to recognize him.

When speaking with Master Sakai he will offer detailed information on the suitable apprentices with the appropriate gender match to the player. Each apprentice has a story of how they came to be at Sancre Tor which Master Sakai will share when asking about the specific person. Blademaster Sakai will also offer information on their individual capabilities and an opinion on the suitability of the choice. The apprentices all have various remarks to share and each one has a different personality. Choose the apprentice wisely; there will be no future opportunity to change who has been selected.

Rowan prefers ranged weapons such as a bow or enchanted weapon while Gawain prefers brute strength relying on his blade. Akeda is strong and has a preference for a blade, Jinna favoring ranged weapons and is skilled in marksmanship.

After selection Master Sakai will instruct the apprentice to wait in the player’s barrack in the Residential Hall of the Hall of Masters. Upon arriving the apprentice will engage conversation handing over a scroll given to them by Master Sakai. Clicking on the Summon Apprentice Scroll in inventory will convert it to a spell to summon the apprentice from anywhere.

The apprentices being a bit different than a typical companion have a few more options available in their dialogs. The available selections bring additional realism to the Master/Apprentice relationship by allowing the apprentice to be sent to the dojo for continued training under Master Sakai and adjustment to new living quarters. The apprentices include all standard companion options in the way of manipulating their inventory and follower status.

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