I hope someone can help me with this problem.  I am on the last quest in "Spies like us"..."The Tomb of The Unknown".  I have gotten into the tomb, killed the bad guy and picked up everything I thought might be needed.  Entering the sewers, I got the ten torches and then killed the slaughterfish in the first tunnel area, then opened both flood gates.  I went through the "S" curve into the sunken cistern area, killed the two creatures, then crossed the second chamber to a door  The door will not open, no matter what I do.  Someone suggested that I try the console and type "tcl", so I did that and got through, only to find myself in a sort of void with foot deep water and black walls all around.  Behind me is a sort of mini depiction of the second cistern with the "s" curve and the door I just came through.  No matter which way I try to move, I get close to the edge of the water and it expands while pushing the wall farther away.  How do I get this thing to work?  I tried to find a place to download the latest version of "Reclaiming Sancre tor", but get a message that shows a 404 error, and a message that the download is not on that server.  I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit  CPU is 3.2 Ghz, Nvidia 8400GTS card 8Ghz RAM.  I've re-installed Oblivion, along with Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, added both the patch and the Unofficial Oblivion patch, re-installed all the mods, but nothing has changed.  What can I try next?  Thank you.

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