A Hideaway

Despite its name, Grimm’s Hollow is a quaint village visited during Spies Like Us, Shoreline Lodge being the specific travel destination. The most prominent feature in Grimm’s Hollow is Dibella’s statue in the center of town and Dibella’s Wayshrine at the edge of town.

Residents around town include Trebin Marrow who can be found lingering outside Foxtail Tavern awaiting Selvia’s return in Closed for Business. The Bentu family; Ayaa, Fijorn and Annya; the Larin’s, Gede and Minna along with Aleric Rosh and Redara Alleius all call Grimm’s Hollow home. Dr. Kamren Isentious who is encountered during The Mountain Pass of The Oracle's Fire is a Grimm’s Hollow resident although his house sits apart from the rest.

A small boat is tied to the dock offering easy transport between Grimm’s Hollow and Cat's Cradle for those preferring to not wade through the swamps.

Shoreline Lodge is available as a player house upon completion of A Grim Hollow and features simple elegant living and safe storage.