3D Artist


_Echo was an unsuspecting addition to Reclaiming Sancre Tor, joining the project out of necessity to do a minor model edit on a vanilla Oblivion mesh. The level of quality and the haste with which he completed the task quickly made him an invaluable asset. Throughout the course of RST's construction, he was called on to alter many meshes, lending fresh perspective and utility to the Oblivion models.

Full time student by day, freelance graphic artist by night, _Echo does not have much released work of his own, but has given much to the ES Modding Community through helping others whenever he can. His numerous modeling instructional videos have been the starting ground for many new modelers. _Echo enjoys computer graphic design, 3D modeling, web design, program coding, cartoons, anime, and all things electronic. He lives in California.

Echo's Comment:

"Penguins Rule!"