Cloud Ruler Shop

Counter in Cloud Ruler Shop


Questgiver: Message from The BladesEdit

Location: Cloud Ruler Temple, DestinationEdit


As The Blades continue to strengthen and grow additional outfitters become mandatory, hence the opening of the Cloud Ruler Shop. The wares, of highest quality are quite unique making a stop at the shop a must.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit

Approximately 2 weeks after completion of Trials by Blade a message will be received in regards to the Blades opening shop in Cloud Ruler Temple. There is a replica of a weapon lost, weapons and apparel heretofore unseen and a whole host of interesting reading materials. There are potions, empty potion bottles and the much coveted Dragonbone tea set.

The shop can be found in Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing by accessing the Temple Armory, Jacen Lirrian is the vendor. A sample of Jacen’s wares can be seen below.

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