An Oracle's Dwelling

Where else would one expect to meet the seer of destinies, the Blades Oracle other than the Cavern of Seeing? From her place in front of the fire, The Oracle guides the player through many stages, from The Sunken Kingdom to The Mountain Pass of The Oracle's Fire.

The Oracle is attended to by four nuns, her handmaidens who spend their days in prayer and assisting The Oracle in her needs. The Oracles’ dog Tiber can also be seen close at hand and never straying too far from his mistress. The Cavern of Seeing is a place of prayer for the inhabitants and has no amenities for the player.

Items of note to be seen in the Cavern are an Alessian Cuirass in the display case, The Oracle’s Journal on the dresser by the bed and for sharp-eyed players, the The Blade of Orlean on a shelf.