Treehouse in the Mist

Cat’s Cradle is one of the unique destinations in Reclaiming Sancre Tor. Not only does it host A Cat in the Cradle during Spies Like Us, but Secret Ingredient sidequest as well. However, the intrigue goes much further; the village is comprised of series of uniquely designed tree houses and one is available as a player house. The location is tranquil and the village provides for peace and solitude in its mists.

The residents of Cat’s Cradle include Kevyn the Pub host and Leif the village beggar who can often be seen in the Hostel Tree House taking advantage of the free beds offered there. Other permanent residents are Jimavis who can be seen with his trusty bow, Meowth the village horse, Kurro, Rysaala, Kaeva and Tel’Aros.

Kevyn Lorgram in the MilkStop pub is the odd man out and stopping by to talk to him will divulge a bit of his story and the opportunity to help him in a Secret Ingredient.

Upon completion of A Cat in the Cradle, Windfall Tree House is available as a player home; with its unique elevator and stately views this house is delightfully fun.

The residences of the village: