Grimm's Hollow


Questgiver: Lead Engineer at the Office of Imperial EngineeringEdit

Location: Grimm's HollowEdit


This is a direct continuation of Office of Engineering.

Grimm's Hollow is a small little village in the swamp south of the Drunken Dragon Inn. When you arrive speak to Bruin. He'll suggest looking around for your new mark Kurgan Black-Mountain.

Special Note: If you speak to Trebin Marrow in front of the Foxtail Tavern you can start a side quest - Closed for Business.

You'll find Kurgan in a shack near the water called the Shoreline Lodge. Confront him about the evidence you have against him so far. Just like Homer he won't be very forthcoming with information but will disclose a new name, Kin'Drava. After this he'll become hostile and will have to meet the same fate as Homer.

Look around the shack for more clues. When you find them speak to Bruin. At this point he will tell you he must go take care of another lead and send you further on your own.

Detailed Walkthrough:Edit


Kurgan Black-Mountain.

Kurgan Black-Mountain is a tough Nord with not much to say for himself. Find him in the Shoreline Lodge and confront him. Let him talk, no need to persuade him like you did Homer. He'll drop a new name, Kin'Drava, a Khajiit living in Cat's Cradle just to the SE of the marshes.

This is all the information he'll give you willingly before turning Mythic Dawn and attacking you. Kill him.

As you really don't have much to go on yet, search the shack for more clues.

In the corner with the crates and barrels you'll find a small box. Inside is a Clawed Note from Kin'Drava. Read it.

In the fireplace you'll find a copy of Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4, take it. You'll also find Glenroy's ring in the fireplace. Take it.

Speak with Bruin to tell him what you found. He'll inform you that he has another lead and will leave you to go question your lead of Kin'Drava on your own.